Landlords and Letting Agencies – Mould Removal

At Home & Dry, we have become aware that our products are especially relevant to Landlords and Letting Agents.

Drimaster (houses) and Flatmaster (flats & apartments) makes your property easier to let. No more musty smells, unsightly mould and condensation in cold weather creating tenant complaints, not to mention constant expensive redecoration.

In fact, we have many reports of tenants contacting environmental health and vacating otherwise good properties due to these treatable complaints.


  • Rent loss/voids
  • Costly decoration
  • Costly re-advertising
  • Environmental Health issues
  • Prolonged tenant complaints


  • Properties are easier rented
  • Beneficial to respiratory conditions
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Subscribes to Environmental Health requirements
  • Contented long term tenants

Letting of our apartments and flats each year is made so much easier with Flatmaster installed, especially when properties have been empty for a period. No more musty smells meeting prospective tenants during viewings. Brilliant!

Landlord - Belfast