Customer Testimonials

100 % delighted with the job Home & Dry did in our home, would highly recommend as very tidy, efficient and a lovely person to deal with.

Louise Potterton

Just a quick note to say that we are so happy since we had your system installed. After many years of dampness and black ceilings, we have no condensation whatsoever. Thanks again.

Tina and Derek

I’ve been using Home and Dry for the last 3 years, installing Flatmasters in apartments that were badly affected by damp and mould.

As a landlord, it was difficult to find a resolution to this mould problem until I found Home and Dry. The Flatmasters have saved me a lot of money and time cleaning mould and repainting affected areas.

I would highly recommend installing a Flatmaster if you are experiencing damp and mould problems in your apartment. Willie has been a joy to deal with over the last 3 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his company to get rid of the nightmare that is mould!

John Mongney

After living in the house for 10 years we noticed a build up of mould on the ceilings and black on the walls behind the beds. This was all due to pumping the cavity’s and fitted 2 insert stoves. The mould was a result of no fresh air coming into the house. There was also water streaming down the windows especially in the wintertime.

We tried several options but nothing worked, found Willie online and he recommended the PIV unit. It was professionally fitted within a few hours with no mess and the following morning no water was streaming down the windows and we never had a problem with mould ever since.

The house is also much fresher with no stale air and a lot easier to heat. We couldn’t recommend Willie highly enough…

Kieran, Galway

Home and Dry was an excellent service which gave me four years on the product I bought to get rid of damp walls and condensation. I have this produce about 7 months now and I can say it is amazing and reliable.

The customer service was great also and he was friendly and also showed up on time when he said he would. I would recommend this service and product to anyone who needs to get rid of damp walls and condensation etc.

Jonathan Hollywood

We are really happy with our Dri master. From the very first day (over a year ago now) we had instant results and we haven’t seen so much as a speck of damp or mould since. I have recommended the Dri master to everyone Iknow especially those that have a young family like ourselves and I have told them it is money well spent especially when you compare it to the money we spent on other anti-damp products over the years.

Many many thanks again and kindest regards,

Janice Finnerty